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We aim to provide the best possible tax planning and preparation service for individuals and businesses.  Contrary to popular belief, there are always legitimate tax reduction strategies for the poor and middle classes as well as the very rich taxpayers.  The trick is to know what applies to whom and under which conditions.  In our 20+ years of tax practice, we have achieved success by focusing on less well known strategies and products that benefit the small business owners and middle class taxpayers.  We specialize in small business Sub-Chapter "S" Companies, LLC's, and independent contractors - 1099 income!  - "ALL WORK DONE IN-HOUSE.  THERE IS NO OUTSOURCING"


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Serving Brandon & Surrounding Areas Since 1988
Providing Tax Reduction Strategies

 Retirement Professional 

Michael Reedy, CPA
305 N. Parsons Avenue
Brandon, FL  33510

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